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About us

Welcome to Koh Koh Chocolate Boutique, established in 2015 by the late auntie Ying and my uncle Andrew. In memory of auntie Ying's vision, this sweet haven continues to thrive. Tragically in January 2022, we bid farewell to Ying leaving a legacy of sweet indulgence.

In April 2022 Hayley stepped into  Ying's shoes, taking the reins of 

IMG-20231018-WA0011 (2).jpg

From managing properties to the exciting world of chocolate commerce my journey has been nothing short of sweet. As a former lettings property manager, I honed my skills in organisation and customer service, ensuring the perfect homes for countless individuals.

Today I am the proud owner and operator of Koh Koh Chocolate Boutique, where I carefully curate and offer a delectable selection of chocolates that delight the senses. My passion for delivering quality experiences has seamlessly transitioned from property management to the world of chocolate. I invite you to savor the flavours of life with me, one chocolate at a time.


We are dedicated to bringing you the best chocolate, the world has to offer. Our vast loose chocolate selection is imported directly from Brussels, where it is handcrafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. From high quality ingredients to unique flavor combinations, Valentino strive to create an unforgettable chocolate experience. Whether you’re searching for a special treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, Koh Koh Chocolate Boutique has you covered!

The Koh-Koh Experience

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