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Here are some of the chocolates available in our store, there are more than 80 different flavours for you to choose from.  Our loose chocolate collection is made in Belgium by Valentino® Chocolatier, who only use natural ingredients with simple recipes to produce these top quality Belgian chocolates. All chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter, no artificial preservatives are used. Take a look at the video below if you would like to know more.


We also have Sugar-free chocolates and marzipan. There are seasonal & special chocolates during festival times such as Halloween Christmas, Valentines, Mother's day and Easter. 

If you can't make it into our shop don't forget that you can buy chocolates right here. You can choose a box size and you can even choose the wrapping if it's a gift for someone special.

Chocolate of the month



Hop Select

There's a new chocolate of the month every month. This one combines a dark Belgian chocolate ganache with fresh Belgian hops and Palm Hop Select beer. Combining the best of Belgium in 'beer and chocolate' and venturing into the beautiful world of food pairing.




Classic Pralines



Round Truffles



Fresh Cream



Caramel & Ganache



Unique Flavors



Chocolate Specialities



What is the best way to keep my chocolates?


Chocolates should be kept in a cool and dry place with a temperature around 18°C. Therefore it's best to store your chocolate in the coolest room of your house. It's also a brilliant idea to store your chocolate next to your wine since both require the same storage temperature. If you keep your chocolates in conditions that are too warm or too humid you risk that the chocolates will form a dusty grey film on their surface due to the separation of the fat or sugar. This film is totally harmless and will disappear when the chocolate melts in your mouth. When the chocolate becomes fluid it turns back to its natural brown color. When suffering from really hot summer temperatures it is an option to stock the chocolates in your fridge, but only in an airtight container, otherwise your chocolates will be come humid.



How long can I keep my chocolates?


The shelf life is always mentioned on the packaging of our products, in general, chocolates can last quite long (weeks to even months) when stored in the right circumstances, meaning a cool and dry room around 18°C-20°C with humidity max 50%. Of course, the best chocolates will always be the freshest chocolates, so we say the sooner you eat them the better!



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